Wollman Rink NYC Artist Project

2022-23 Program 

Original art from students of The Art Students League of New York and the High School of Art and Design schools in New York is on view at Wollman Rink!

The artists were asked to add their vision to our Zambonis and clubhouse walls using the Wollman Rink NYC theme of “Come Wonder, Come All to the Wonderful World of Wollman” as inspiration. The program is an important facet of our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and reflects these artists’ authentic, diverse NY voices, while providing great opportunities for students to broaden their experience, gain exposure for their talents and add to their artistic portfolios.

Muralists include:

Berto Reynoso*, Amelie Minelli, Amber Sibella, Rina Hyseni*, Marco Yogucz, Lindsey Certes, Eliza DeLashmutt, Jozlyn Melendez, Luke P., Sarah Nanjar*, Emily Ho, Ali Springer, Valerie Lazo, Najani Collymore, Valeria Leonguera, Kevin Yu*, Ursula Blaszch, Catherine De Jacinto, Melanie Rodriguez, Instructor: Ashton Arbomenou

*lead artist

Zamboni design: Maksymilian Rychlicki and Milana Blokhina

“We are senior Graphic Design majors at the High School of Art and Design. In creating the Zamboni, we looked to emphasize the location of Wollman Rink, in particular its flora, through soft waters and colorful greenery. We employed a gentle color palette and organic forms to represent the impact that the park’s nature has on the scenery of the rink. A cheeky sun peeks through the clouds and draws the eye toward two hands, joined by a pinkie. The connection signifies the diverse community of the Wollman Rink environment as a place of reunion and joy and adds a playful element to the Zamboni. We thank the Wollman Rink for providing us with the opportunity to contribute our design and we hope everyone enjoys this ice skating season!”


2021-22 Program 

The Wollman Rink NYC Artist Project features a selected group of five artists comprised of muralists, graffiti writers, and street artists coming from a multiplicity of backgrounds and each representing a borough of New York City.

The series of works by these five artists speaks to the importance of highlighting diverse, artistic voices and develops Wollman Rink NYC into both a recreational space and location to enjoy art and culture where all are welcome. All artworks are authentic and representative of the artists and their diverse backgrounds that will contribute to true New York storytelling.

Guests will be able to enjoy the in-person art experience produced at key locations within Wollman Rink NYC in the heart of Central Park.

Art Map