Skate School

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Youth Skating Skills

Youth skating skills classes run for 25 minutes with practice time during public session day of lesson.

First Steps, Age 4
This program, for independent preschoolers, focuses on gently acquainting young children with the ice and developing coordination in a creative and playful environment.
First Steps, ages 5-6
Following the curriculum of Learn to Skate USA, first time skaters will be learning basic balance, proper falling and getting up, beginning forward skating and two-foot glides.
First Steps, ages 7+
First time skaters will be learning basic balance, proper falling and getting up, beginning forward skating and two-foot glides. The Learn to Skate USA curriculum provides beginner skaters with a strong skating foundation.
Basic Skills, levels 2-4
Learn to Skate USA curriculum is based on a progressive system of skating skills. Students in levels 2 and 3 work on forward skating with momentum, beginning backward skating and stops. Level 4 introduces forward crossovers, edge glides basic turns and much more!
Jumping Jacks, boys levels 2-5
Boys learn skills together in a peer team building, dynamic structure. Jumping Jacks is designed to accelerate completion of the learn to skate USA curriculum through a consistent and progressive method of learning the fundamental skating skills all while fostering friendships and forming a club for boys who love to skate.
Teen Skillz, all levels
Does your teen need to ‘chill-lax’ at the end of the school week? Bring your friends and come make new ones in this fun, social skating program, specifically for the teen set!

Youth Hockey Programs

Dino-Mites Pre-Hockey
Pre-Hockey is intended for children who have not ice skated before and are enthusiastic about hockey. Kids will learn balance, basic forward and backward skating, glides, stops, turns and beginning crossovers. Classes meet for 25 minutes.
Hockey 101
In a dynamic station training format, skaters develop the skills necessary to play ice hockey. Stick handling, passing, shooting, power skating and team play are introduced through exciting drills. Our coaches emphasize the importance of team skills and strong individual skating in the development of youth hockey players. 

Youth Figure Skating

Foundations Figure Skating Academy
While encouraging skaters to accelerate their completion of the Learn to Skate USA curriculum, academy coaches motivate skaters to enhance the quality of their basic skating, giving them a strong foundation in fundamental pre-figure skating techniques.
Excel Figure Skating Academy
The Excel Academy is a unique advanced group instructional figure skating program for skaters who are learning an axel or working on double jumps. Curriculum includes moves in the field, jump & spin technique, power skating, difficult entries, spin features and variations, advanced edge and steps.
Synchronized Skating
Youth synchronized skating at Wollman Rink is run by the acclaimed Skyliners synchronized skating program, recognized as one of the top synchronized skating clubs in the country.

Adult Programs

Adult Foundation Skills
Skaters who are already comfortable on their blades will improve technique, agility, and edge usage while learning combination foot work sequences integrating forward and backward crossovers and basic turns.
Adult Figure Skating Academy
Whether your goal is to learn the Tango Romantica, land an axel, or glide across the ice with grace, you will find the inspiring setting of Central Park coupled with our committed coaches and the camaraderie of your fellow skating enthusiasts the ideal recipe to reaching your skating dreams.
Pond Hockey
Pond Hockey is a non-competitive, fun alternative to structured league play.
IceFlow, FroZEN Yoga
Bring your practice outdoors in Central Park! Breathe, glide, meditate in the fresh air. Wollman Rink NYC brings a unique interpretation to ‘flow’ yoga. Class is modified for a wide variety of both skating and yoga practice levels. This gliding meditation is the perfect addition to your cross-training regimen.
Take in the spectacular skyline of Central Park South. Start your evening with a breath of fresh air at the end of the workday. Enjoy an off-ice warmup and open freestyle followed by a master edge class set to acoustic tunes.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons
Whatever your level of experience and interest in skating, Wollman Rink has a specialized coach just for you.
Parents are invited to inquire about setting up an after-school skating lesson program exclusively for their child and school friends. POD classes can focus on basic skating skills, figure skating fundamentals, hockey skills or power skating (based on space availability).
Freestyle Sessions
Freestyle sessions are a great way for figure skaters and ice dancers to practice their skills with fewer people on the ice.