Melba Wilson

Melba Wilson

Food and Beverage Advisor

Great Performances will partner with long-time colleague and renowned restauranter Melba Wilson in creating a dynamic and activist leadership team to guide the culinary program at Wollman Rink, beyond the kitchen walls, into the hearts of guest diners and impacting the broader NYC food community. We are coming together through our mutual passion for food and our love of the city. In addition to leading the efforts to diversify the menu and staff, many of her beloved signature items will be rotated through the seasonal menus.

Melba Wilson is the owner of a growing culinary empire based in New York’s famed Harlem neighborhood. Her renowned restaurant, Melba’s, is a hot spot for celebrities, locals and tourists from around the world who crave unbeatable American comfort food. She began her career at Sylvia’s Restaurant, where she launched the popular Sunday Gospel Brunch, and has received numerous accolades and awards for her entrepreneurship as well as her original family recipes.

Melba will be leading the team initiative in selecting and cultivating a diverse and delicious community of NYC chefs and restaurants as well as farmers, makers and bakers to showcase their talents and products as part of our local partner incubator. She will also work with GP to deepen our partnerships with organizations such as, ICE, GOSO, and HS of Food and Finance for internship programs. In concert with GP’s team, Melba will direct and guide menu development, creativity and drive innovation.